How hard is it to create/maintain a Web page?

Let's see if I can provide some answers. Since I work on a Windows platform, I'll only mention Windows tools. Similar tools are available for the Mac and other systems.

Did you notice how quickly this page loads? There are 20 graphics elements of various sizes, but they are all small and properly defined, and they all come from the same server.
The effort to create a Web page depends on its intended use.

If you want a few simple pages with a little text and a few pictures, you can create that with one of the freeware/shareware programs in an hour or so.

If you:

then you're looking at more work (including research) and a longer time to create the pages.

An example of pages I designed for people with special needs is the disAbled Student Organization at Kennesaw State University. The "Bobby" logo in the lower left corner of the pages indicates that the pages pass the Level 1 accessibility requirements of the w3c. This means that the pages have easy-to-use navigation, properly tagged graphics, and are compatible with text-to-speech screen readers. Designing and testing pages like this will take much longer than basic pages.

  1. What hardware/software do I need?

  2. Where can I learn to make Web pages?
  3. How do I create/edit a Web page?
  4. Where do you get the graphics?
  5. How do you set the background color on a page (like this one)?
    How do you make the background of your graphics the same color as the page?
    How do I put an image in the background of my page?
    (At least a dozen other graphics questions deleted... ;-))
  6. Where can I find .......?
  7. How much time does it take?
  8. Can you help me with ......?
  9. Can I hire someone to create a Web page?
  10. Can I hire you?

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