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An Accidental Family After devastating biological attacks kill more than 90% of the world's population, does life go on? Can a retired soldier and pair of young orphans make a difference for their small rural community? Read my first novel to find out.
Jack's War - Book 1 A retired SEAL stops to help at a traffic accident and finds himself fighting corruption at all levels of government, child sex-trafficking and the unintenrional release of a biological warfare agent. "An Accidental Family" is the apocalypse in 'PG' terms. This is the 'R' version.
My Portfolio A portfolio is a collection of created works and provides a better view of a person's skills and abilities than a simple resume.
Free Palm software Some fun programs and a couple that you might find useful; most include the NS Basic source code.
Free Pocket PC software With source code in NSBasic/CE.
Free PC software For Windows and DOS; with source code in Visual Basic, C, and PowerBasic.
XP Wireless Lan Setup Some screenshots and a few words about installing a wireless LAN card in Windows XP.
PICAXE A great little device that costs just a bit more than the PIC it's based on and is programmable in Basic
More about me Some family pictures, a little family tree information, and some words about and pictures from several digital cameras
My rain barrel design Includes a parts list and some other resources
No wobble ceiling fan Installing a ceiling fan that does not wobble - the secret of blade "balance"

Home Depot mis-assembly Why you should not let Home Depot assemble things for you.

Survival Blog Think the political and financial climate are scary? Perhaps you should prepare for being on your own. Lots of ideas here.

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