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Revolution Education Revolution Education is the source for PICAXEŽ information and the Programming Editor (IDE and download tool).   For people in the UK, they are the primary source of chips and add-on hardware.

Peter H Anderson Peter is my preferred US source for PICAXEŽ chips, prototyping boards, and add-on "goodies" (LCD interface kits, temperature sensors, Dallas 1-wire chips, I2C items, etc).   Shipping is very reasonable (under $2US for most things, multiple chips ship for the price of one).   The site has sample code and "how-to" information.   He also has an ebay store with PICAXE, BASIC Stamp, and MicroChip PIC "stuff" (chips, books, prototype boards, etc).

Wulfden Brian has LCD interface kits and PICAXE proto boards and parts.

World Education Services World Education Services is the official source for PICAXEŽ products in the US.   They used to offer free shipping in the US (only) on PICAXEŽ products, but as of 30 July 2006 shipping in the US (all 50 states) is $5 for PICAXE products, Basic ATOM products, and miniboards.

MicroZed Computers MicroZed is the official source for PICAXEŽ products in Australia.

South Island Component Centre SICom is a source for PICAXEŽ products in New Zealand.

Other Links Happy Hippy - info on building a CyBot, lots of projects (bottom left of page)
Bright Sparks - breadboard ideas, programming "cheat sheets"
Stan Swan - projects and associated code, more links
The AXEbot robot - software, PC board layouts, etc.
Electronics Education download page - 14 issues online on 21 July 2006
Tom Lackamp - some good modifications for the PICAXE protoboards
Ted Mieske - even more PICAXE links

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