My PICAXEŽ Projects

A/V cabinet fan control Temperature-based fan controller for an audio/video cabinet.   Uses a DS18B20 temperature sensor and a PICAXE 08M.   This was installed for testing on 24 September 2006.

WaterLevel-08 Water Level alarm and sump pump controller built around a PICAXE 08M.   It can provide two levels of alert on rising water levels and an output to control an optional solid state relay (SSR) to turn on a pump.   This was installed the week of 10 July 2006.  

Update: 22 August 2007 Received a phone call from my daughter today to tell me that they had been awakened at 1:30AM by a "beeping noise".   On investigation, they found that the water alarm was the source of the "noise".   After weeks of dry weather, they received some serious rain during the night; the dry weather had caused many trees to drop their leaves early and the drain was blocked.   The water alarm had awakened them before the water rose over the threshold, so the basement did NOT flood this year.

Update: 6 September 2008 Received a phone call from my daughter just after noon - the water alarm went off today, triggered by the heavy rains associated with Tropical Storm Hanna. Once again, the basement did NOT flood this year.

9600 Baud LCD interface How to use a 9600 baud LCD driver with the PICAXE 18A (and other chips with the setfreq command).

Software Clock Implementing a limited accuracy clock in code.

LCD117 Custom Screen Defining a custom screen for a display other than 4 lines of 20 characters.

DS18B20 Notes Things I've learned while using the DS18B20 temperature sersor chip.

protoboard mods My modifications for the Peter Anderson PICAXE 18 protoboard.

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