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the source in C and the executable

FOX generates repeated test lines of alphanumeric characters for testing serial printers, modem communications, etc., that require a steady stream of data. The default is to print 1,000,000 lines of "abcdef.....". The command line options are a number, which is the number of lines to print, and "-b" which turns on the bell character for an audible confirmation. Compiles under most PC C compilers and most flavors of UNIX(tm).

JREST is an alternative to the DOS 'restore' command that can restore individual files from a disk created with the DOS 3.2 and earlier 'backup'. It works when 'restore' won't. (Background)

	Usage:  jrest [drive:]filename [-d dest:] [-o] [-r]

		drive:  source drive (default A:)

		-d dest: destination drive (default C:)

		-o	'overwrite' mode, which overwrites an existing
			file without asking (default is to prompt
			"<filename> already exists!  Overwrite?")

                -r	source disk is ready - used when running JREST
			from a hard disk - skips the prompt:
			"Place source disk in drive A: and press return: "

NETSTAT gets info about the PC and its networking. The LANtastic info looks strange when LANtastic is not loaded. Lots of interrupt calls used to determine machine parameters.

PC network status report - Turbo C version 02/20/95 (jec)

Disk D: is  62.6% full ( 198,189,056 bytes free of  530,235,392 bytes total)

Windows active from C:\WINDOWS
DOS version: 7.0        LASTDRIVE: Z
SHARE loaded

NETBIOS loaded
LANtastic version 20.1
Machine name: SMYRNAJC
Name number: 0
Net software version: 2.1
Net names available: 16
Net command blocks available: 16
Net sessions available: 64
Add a connection? (Y/N) n

PG displays an ASCII file one screenful at a time, pausing after 23 lines to wait for user input of Enter for next screen or "q" and Enter to quit. It compiles under most PC and UNIX compilers.

PROPER does conversion of monocase (or questionable case) ASCII files, such as mailing lists, to proper case, with the first letter of the line and the first letter after a space or punctuation mark capitalized and the rest of that word in lower case.

Compiled with Turbo C 2.0 - should work with most C compilers.

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