Each of these archives contains
the source in Visual Basic 6
and the executable.

To use these files, you must have VB6 installed. Any OCX's that you need are NOT included in the ZIP file.
There are NO install packages for these programs - they are provided as "how to" examples for those interested in VB6.

font screen ShowFont displays a list of the fonts installed on the PC and will display the font name you select in its own font in sizes from 6 to 36 points, with the option of bold and/or italic. You can also type in your own text to see how it will look in that font. It's a demo of some of the ways you can format a text box. Additions such as setting the text and background colors are left as an exercise for the reader.

vardemo screen Do you understand the difference between "Dim X, Y as Double" and "Dim X as Double, Y as Double"? X will work as a Double in either case, but the second case is faster because X is actually a Double, instead of a Variant that must be converted to a Double each time it is referenced.
VarDemo shows how to use VarType(x) to determine the type of data contained in Variant x.

battery screen shot [2K] Battery Status uses the SysInfo control to show the power status of a laptop: AC power on/off, battery % charge, remaining battery time (if available). It's based on a Visual Basic Tip of the Week but with a different presentation. It's a "run me for info" program, not a continuous monitor. Continuous monitoring could be added using a timer to refresh the info every minute or so. The % charge and time remaining could be displayed with progress bar style graphics. Enhancements are left as an exercise for the reader ;-)

os_ver [6K] OSVersion uses the SysInfo control to gather the Operating System name and version, and various information about the PC's drives: type, volume name, serial number, format, total space, and free space. The display is very basic - it's not a finished utility, just an example of using the SysInfo control to retrieve system data.
Updated: 31 August 2002

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