Each of these archives contains
the source in Visual Basic 3.0
and the executable.

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The executables need Microsoft's VBRUN300.DLL runtime for Visual Basic 3.0. Check in your C:\windows\system directory before downloading it.

EXITWIN does an immediate shutdown and exit from Windows. Ever wonder how that's done?

FILEINFO displays a file's date, time, and size. Not especially useful by itself, but the routines are useful in many applications. Screen capture

FONTPRNT prints a sample of every font in Windows to your default printer. Be SURE you want to do this, as it can print a LOT of pages.

GETSTAT displays the Windows version, the amount of free memory (Windows 3.x), the amount of physical RAM (Windows 9x), the number of processes running, how long Windows has been up, and the User, System, and GDI resources available. Be sure to press 'i', then 'p' while the window is active. Screen capture

LOAD_DLL lets you load a specific dll or list of dll's and unload them. If you've ever needed to have a dll loaded before testing a program you'll know how useful this is. Screen capture

NETNAMES searches an Access database on a networked drive. Shows how to use the DATA control in VB, how to link a text box to a data control, how to connect to a remote drive, how to use ".ini" files. Screen capture

RESTART does what all the installation programs require - restarts Windows 3 thru 9x with a mouse click.

SHUTDOWN combines the functions of EXITWIN and RESTART. It displays the OS name (if networking is active) and gives the options to Shutdown or Restart. Also works on NT (4.0WS) if the user has those permissions.

VISION reads a machine vision file and converts the 256 gray levels to 16 colors based on the thresholds set. This was a learning exercise from me when my older daughter was taking a machine vision class (part of the MSIE requirements) at Georgia Tech. She was doing the thresholding in C (I could help with her homework ;-); I wanted to compare speed among Turbo C, PowerBasic, and Visual Basic. TC 2.0 came in first, PB3 came in second, VB3 came in last - but it was easy to print from. The included image files are CLOCK, DISK, and GEAR. Screen capture

WIN2DOS shows how to send keystrokes from a VB application to a DOS application. Screen capture

WINLOCK is a screen saver that randomly moves a bitmap image around the screen (up to 4, one at a time). It is as secure as any of the screen savers that come with Windows 3.x - in other words, it is easily bypassed in Windows 9x. If it were re-written in VB 5 or 6 to use the 32 bit API calls, it could be made secure in Windows 9x also. To run WINLOCK, you need to copy the winlock.ini file to c:\windows, create a directory c:\book (or edit winlock.ini to change the path to the images) and copy the .bmp files to c:\book (or your alternate directory). There is no 'install' package - this isn't a commercial product, it's just some 'how to' sample code. You provide the pictures or graphics. For Dr. Who fans, there's an option in the .ini file to have the TARDIS (complete with blinking light) move about the screen.

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