NSB Conduit Builder how-to

First screen - use the Creator ID of the database, which should match the application.
There MUST be an application on the Palm with this Creator ID for HotSync to run the conduit and process the databases.
This is not a limitation of NSB Conduit Builder, it's just the way HotSync works.

Second screen - you must know the driver type and the database location.

Third screen - you must define the database names and layouts, both desktop and PDA.
If the Palm database is keyed, the key field should be the index field in the PC database.

Fourth screen - you must specify how data changes are to be handled.

If you're using the PDA for data collection, "Handheld overwrite Desktop" would be correct.
For loading fresh data to the PDA, "Desktop Overwrites handheld" would be correct.
For two-way synchronization, "Synchronize the files" would be correct.

Fifth screen - this determines where the conduit will be installed.
The installer must be run to install the conduit (the path to the installer is specified when you click the Build button).

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